Designer Décor® Collection

by Mattress Safe, Inc.

Avant-Garde Solutions for the Box Spring

Designer Décor QuickWrap
Sawgrass Graphite

Our Signature Stock Colors with Designer Fabrics

Shantung Classic Silk Rendition

Sawgrass Refined Linen Look



Savile™ Distinguished Woolen Appearance


Quick and Easy Install
No Mattress Removal Needed

This decorative box spring wrap is a cut above the rest. An upscale design without decking is secured with elastic edges on the top and the bottom, combining style with a simple, fitted solution.

  • No Visible Seams
  • Tailored Fit that Maintains Position
  • Smooth Contoured Corners & Sidewalls
  • Secured with Elastic Completely Around
    the Top and Bottom Edges

Easy 1-2-3 Installation

QuickWrap Installation step 1


Pull the white stretch knit section behind the head of mattress over the box spring. Secure corners.

QuickWrap Installation step 2


Pull the bottom of QuickWrap® up and over the mattress and down to the foot of box spring. Secure corners.

QuickWrap Installation step 3


Beginning from head to foot, adjust the QuickWrap® to ensure a secure fit.

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